For the Umweltzirkus 2015 in Graz I shot this campaign with the incredibly talented (end never tiring) people of the Graz-based PK|FR Styria Freerunning Team and JoFlow of bagage dance crew. Kudos for an amazing performance and super day featuring cool temperatures and heavy machinery!

Day 2 featured Kata, of Hoop R-Evolution a body-movement and -control phenomena personified. Simply astonishing what she can do with Hula Hoops! Massive thanks to the generous people of Ökoservice for providing space and helping us build a background of plates!

Make-Up and outfits both times of Alexandra Poetz.

client | The Good Tribe Austria & City of Graz
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4 Image0391
5 Parkour8

6 Parkour5

7 Parkour2

8 Parkour6
9 Parkour7

10 Parkour4

Disclaimer/Obvious note: Don’t do this at home or anywhere else. Everything was performed by trained professionals under official supervision with the super helpful staff of Sturzplatz Graz. Seriously, don’t be stupid!